Post-Pop Art

This section consists of work that is influenced by the Post-Pop movement which draws inspiration from Dadaism. The pieces within this collection consist of social commentaries that are a playful reflection of the arts. Much of this work is inspired by my childhood: Saturday morning cartoons, toys, and Happy Meals, all of which have worked their way into the pop culture lexicon that I build off of, which in turn creates an odd, but playful reality. At the same time my work addresses many issues related to the growth and development of children and how the boom of consumerism has affected my generation and its continuing effect on subsequent generations. In my art I take note of what is essentially a downward spiral of increasingly poor nutrition, video games, overmedication, and television substituting parenting, along with the impact and effects these things have on the building blocks of pop culture and how these movements reverberate into adulthood and shape the modern world.