Artist Statement

         In my art, I am observing the uncertainties of our tech obsessed culture, asking the questions: where are we going and what might become of us? We no longer need to retain knowledge because information is always one click away, but we are losing the first hand experience of learning. We are plugged in, jacked up, and intertwined with everyone and everything, but we have no true definition of who we are as individuals or where we are headed as a society.

        Much of my work is heavily influenced by the aesthetics of the sci-fi genre called Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk explores the concerns modern culture has towards technology: its fears and its obsessions. My art examines the struggle between these dichotomies by exploring the relationship between technology and the human condition in the digital age.

        My work is questioning and contesting what makes us human. I allude to these realities with a style that is reminiscent of retro- futurism, by incorporating LCD screens depicting human eyes, brains, and mouths; my art is embodying the figurative ghost in the machine. I enclose all of these elements within reclaimed industrial boxes, breathing life into these disembodied cybernetic creatures. I believe the fusion that takes place within my art, between the circuitry, wires and the digital human elements will evoke an emotional response between the dichotomies of technology and the human condition, exploring our merging existence and the speculative fiction of our evolutionary future.